West Coast from Around the World

Westcoast music was becoming so popular in the US in the mid to late 70s and its popularity spread as the music was exported around the globe to many other countries. Naturally musicians from those countries became influence by that sound and wanted to give their take on those smooth vibes.

Here’s a montage of West Coast music from outside of the US recorded in the 70s & 80s:


West Coast Soul

In the late 70s, after disco hit the mainstream and washed away most of the funk bands, R&B music was at a crossroads. As the decade turned in 1980, a new genre of West Coast music rose up to prominence: West Coast Soul. Taking a lesson from West Coast pop, it featured an uptown sophisticated sound, a little jazz, a little funk, a little soul and a lot of smooth vibes:

Here’s a montage of some West Coast Soul from the early 80s:

Thank you

Thanks to all of the folks who came out on Monday to see the presentation live. I truly enjoyed presenting that for you. We also filmed the presentation, so when thats available, we will share that link with you.

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